{wanderlust} – big sur waterfall & bixby creek bridge

I’m travelling at the end of the week to Northern California with my sisters, San Francisco to be exact. I am inspired to post these travel pictures from 2011, to dust them off from my computer and finally post them on the blog. My youngest sister Hazel hasn’t visited Big Sur yet, but I’m encouraging her to visit soon, it’s such a beautiful place to visit. Our trip this week to San Francisco will mostly be in the city, so visiting Big Sur will have to be planned another time.

I already posted pictures from Solvang and Nepenthe Restaurant, and these pictures were taken on the same road trip with friends, as we made our way up to Monterey. California is so beautiful, especially the coastal area.

When I was a kid, my dad would pack up the whole family in our Aerostar van and go on road trips in the summer. I didn’t really appreciate the sights back then, instead I was busy playing in the back seats with my sisters and I’m sure, enjoying a giant bag of chips. I remember that was the only time we could have junk food like that, during road trips. I think my parents were trying to keep us quiet during the ride.

Back to the pictures, after we left Nepenthe Restaurant (also in Big Sur), we kept driving north and made sure to carve time to hangout in the area near the waterfall. We parked our car and walked about a quarter of a mile because we could see the waterfall. It was so picturesque that day, as there were pink flower blooming everywhere.

big sur waterfall_2011


big sur waterfall 1 - 2011

We spent a good hour exploring the trails and taking pictures, before we headed back on the road to our next destination.

Next up…Bixby Bridge. You can read more about the history of this beautiful bridge here.

bixby creek bridge in big sur - 2011

This road tip was taken in  2011, when hubby and I were newlyweds. I hope to do this scenic route again someday with our little one in tow. We visited Monterey last year with the baby, but we took the direct route using the 5 freeway, it was a faster way to drive up north, but no beautiful scenic views along the way.

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