Our neighborhood had a block party and we had a fun time getting to know more of our neighbors. It’s hard to interact with our neighbors because we are all out of the house for work and daycare most of the week and on weekends, we do family time together. This was a great way to hangout with everyone, and I was so surprised to see how many young kids are around us. There was a table of kids (including H), and they were all 2 year olds. So cute! I figured they will eventually all go to school together. It was a potluck, we brought lobster teriyaki pasta.

block party


I try to visit my mom, my sister and brothers at least once a month, sometimes we visit them twice a month. I like to make brunch and bring it over, so we can eat and catch up together. One weekend, I brought zucchini and walnut pancakes and ham egg cups.

brunch at moms


I got my youngest sister a summer internship at the corporate office for my work. She interned for 2 months (and she said will probably the best internship she will have, she got pampered with events and trips) and at the end of her internship, we went out for dinner and movie. We had sushi for happy hour and then watched Trainwreck, we LOL’d a lot with this movie.

dinner with hazel


My friend Amie purchased a new house last month and after she fixed it up, she invited us over for girls night. Her house is so cute and I love how cozy and charming it is. We enjoyed wine, cheese and appetizers. I brought her fresh flowers and brought spinach dip to share. We got together on a weeknight, but loved out chit chat so much that we didn’t go home until around midnight.

girls night at amie's


My friend Sarah from college (and sorority days) has found a new (and better) job, so we celebrated over lunch. We ate at Urban Plates, it’s a new-to-me restaurant and I loved the farm to table concept and it’s cafeteria style and affordable. I went twice in one week Smile

lunch date with Sarah


We hung out with our other  mommy friends for a play date at the park. It was red color day and the kiddos dressed up in red, ate red food and did crafts using red paint. It was a scorcher that day, as you can tell from the sweaty pictures.

play date at the park


The last few weeks, I’ve been working out using Beachbody Workout DVDs (21 day Fix) early in the mornings and then after work, I go for a quick walk/jog at the park.



  1. So much fun stuff going on! Your breakfasts look delicious. How are you liking the 21 day fix?

    • oooppps, I posted my reply below on the wrong post, so here it is again.

      I loved it in the beginning because it was a challenge, but after several months of doing the DVDs, I got bored with doing it.

      I’m sure I will go back to it again, I loved that the workouts are only 30 mins long, perfect for before work.

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