I know it’s Fall season now, but it still feels like summer in our neck of the woods. No complaints from me though. Today was the first day I baked in months. I can only turn on the oven when it is the coolest in the house, which is first thing in the morning. I baked banana almond butter muffins, they are Paleo and sugar free, but I thought it was just ok. Nothing worth sharing on the blog.

I’m putting away my phone early at night and no mindless scrolling on social media, which means more time for reading. I’m looking to run a few short races in the coming months and also looking for slow cooker recipes, my library books pictured above.

Last weekend was our first time back to Disneyland, after our annual pass was blacked out for the peak tourist summer season. We always love coming back in October, because the crowds have died down and the park is decked out in Halloween decorations. It’s a great way to welcome a new season.

I returned from my trip to San Francisco last week. My sister and I had a wonderful time and we had great weather there, maybe the best weather I’ve had visiting San Francisco. Clear days, no fog in sight and cool breeze. After being away for three days, I couldn’t wait to see my family again. I rushed to pick up my little man at day care and smothered him with kisses. You can see some of my pictures from my trip on Instagram (hcblog).

I’m looking forward to my mommy book club meeting tonight, visiting a pumpkin patch this weekend and excited to pick out Halloween costumes for us.

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