I took a break from going to my Mom’s book club this summer, the schedule just didn’t work out, but I’m back. All The Light We Cannot See was the selection for the month, although I didn’t finish the book in time, I still had fun meeting with mommy friends, eating pizza and getting good feedback about the book.

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We celebrated by dad’s birthday this month. It was a special one because my cousin Oliver from the Philippines was in town and my uncle and aunt from Reno was also able to attend the party. My niece performed her hula dance for all the guests, and also did a dance with Grandpa Smile

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My younger brother wanted to eat fresh seafood to celebrate his birthday. We went to Port of L.A. area for lunch. We ate ceviche, shrimp and fresh grilled fish. The kiddos enjoyed fresh coconut juice. Afterwards, we split the coconut open and ate the delicious pulp.

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Now that the weather has cooled down a bit, I feel like running again for my workouts. I had a day off last Friday, so I dropped H off at daycare and I did a quick loop around my neighborhood. I enjoyed listening to a podcast, and basically just feeling the fresh cold air in my face. We have been very limited with exercising outside during the heat wave in the summer. Feels good to get some fresh air.

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Last Sunday, we went to a pumpkin patch and H can spend hours just playing with pumpkins. He has always loved it, ever since he was a baby. We might go back to ride the train, it was too crowded during our visit. Hubby, my niece and H went into the haunted house together and had a blast.  H is too small to ride the tractor by himself, so we just watched the kids riding around.

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