– It is still unusually warm in Southern California, it’s supposed to be 90 degrees this weekend. I hope our Halloween candies don’t melt.  Because of the weather, we have been going to pumpkin patches in our sandals, shorts and linen shirts.  At least we have stopped using the A/C at night and opening our windows instead.

– We’ve had several Halloween activities this week, my little man has worn his pirate costume twice already, so we are getting good use of his costume.   There was a harvest festival at his school last Friday and my hubby’s work event on Saturday at the aquarium. The whole family was suppose to dress up as pirates, but the adult costumes didn’t get delivered on time. The last two years (halloween 2014) , he was worn an animal costume. This year, he is old enough to choose himself and he said he wanted to be a ghost or pirate. I had him choose while perusing the aisle at Target and we found our pirate costume. I’m excited to wear mine on Saturday, we are going to be hosting a Halloween party at the house this year.

– I had my mom and my brothers over this past weekend and they carved their first pumpkins ever. We all had fun and we were very proud with our creation. The hubby and I carve pumpkins every year but we don’t really do designs, we just stick to the basics and so we changed it up this year and got a little fancy (fancy for us) with the pumpkins. Since we carved the pumpkins a week prior to Halloween, I treated the pumpkins in bleach and petroleum jelly to help it last longer. I hope it works. It’s Day 3 now and no mold yet.

– I ran my first race since having my kiddo. It has been a long time coming, and the urge to run again is stronger than before, so I take that as a good sign to start signing up for races. I have dreams of running half marathons next year, I just need to figure out the training plan and also how to train while running with a kiddo + stroller. If I can’t do my long runs, I’ll stick to running 10K races, it’s a fun distance to do.

– We potty trained our little man last week. Well, the daycare helped a lot with the training and we just followed what they were doing while at home. We’ve had a few accidents, which was expected, but for the most part, I can’t believe he was able to be potty trained within a week.


  1. Yayy for potty training! Congrats on the race! I hope it stays warm for next week too 😉

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