cranberry margaritas

I am excited for this week, there are so many good things happening. Feasting, baking, cooking, family time and down time I’m sharing this festive drink in time for Thanksgiving. I made these last year when I hosted Friendsgiving, it was a great touch to have a festive drink ready once the guests started trickling […]


  loving the cooler weather, finally it came around mid November. This morning, the temp was down to the 60s. wearing tights, pants, sweaters and boots lighting scented candles nightly, part of the reason I love this season going to the children’s museum on weekends, H loves it there. He loves to drive the big […]

autumn salad

  Wow, it’s already Nov 11, can’t believe it. The first week of every month is always a blur for me, it’s the busiest time at work every month, so the whole week just passes by really quickly. So now it’s the second week and I’m coming up for fresh air and have some time […]

{what I wore} plaids & deep colors

I was getting impatient on when the Fall weather would come, and it came this week with 2 days of rain and chilly weather. Today is the first day I wore tights, last time was April of this year. I’m re-organizing my closet to make room for fall clothing, which means (to me) here in […]

{book report} sharp objects & why not me?

  I have read a total of 24 books so far in 2015, with 2 more months to go before the end of the year. I am so proud of this book count. To me, it means, I have made time for myself and made time to read, and made time to do things that […]