loving the cooler weather, finally it came around mid November. This morning, the temp was down to the 60s.

wearing tights, pants, sweaters and boots

lighting scented candles nightly, part of the reason I love this season

going to the children’s museum on weekends, H loves it there. He loves to drive the big bus, plays pretends, go grocery shopping and work in the garden

visiting the zoo on Sundays that we can’t go to Disneyland and our favorite part is petting the animals

cooking and meal-prepping for the week ahead on Sundays. I’ve been making egg muffins (changing the veggies/meat combo weekly) for three weeks in a row

walking my current favorite 2.5 miles around the neighborhood

listening to my current podcasts, The Jess Lively Show & Happier with Gretchen Rubin

baking these pumpkin nutella bread for a baby shower this past weekend

sleeping 7-8 hours a night lately, it is glorious…but also leaves me no time to do anything else

working a lot this past week, my assistant got married and currently on her honeymoon

taking a lot of videos for my new documenting project using 1 Second Everyday App. I’ve done 3 months of it and love it.


  1. Yum! I really need to make those egg muffins!

  2. itzyskitchen says:

    I made your Nutella bread for my obgyn and got an awesome ty note 😁

  3. i’m loving the cooler weather too, mostly for those leggings and boots! that pumpkin bread sounds delish. i’d come over and have a slice or two with you. : ) glad you’re getting some sleep. isn’t it sad that when 7-8 hours is so nice but leaves us feeling like we have less time to get stuff done?! ahh! xo

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