christmas time at disneyland

The happiest of all holidays is here. This time is so special for us, we get to see our family often and be merry with them,

I’m planning to document more throughout this month, so there will be more, BUT short posts in December. At the end of the month, I will compile everything in scrapbook format.

Sundays are special because that’s the day we go to Disneyland. We go there bright and early, right at opening time. We leave mid day just when it is getting crowded. It’s even more special in December because the park is all decked out in holiday decorations.

Mommy and H, ready for our adventures.

december daily_disney  (2)

Hmmm…where should we go first? Spoiler alert, we go to the same rides most of the time, he has his favorites.

december daily_disney  (3)

But first….let’s take a picture.

december daily_disney  (1)

First stop is It’s A Small World holiday ride. There are no lines because we are early, but this ride is worth it, even if there was a 30-40min wait time.


december daily_disney  (10)

december daily_disney  (5)a


dd1december daily_disney  (8)december daily_disney  (9)december daily_disney  (18)

december daily_disney  (11)

december daily_disney  (16)

Next up is Toontown. H likes to open every door, press every button and basically run around wild.


Then it’s time to visit our friends at the petting zoo. This area is going to be replaced by the Star Wars ride construction next month, we will miss it a lot.



Goat selfie.

december daily_disney  (17)

We ride the Mark Twain boat next, this is our view.



Next up…. we ride the train around the park. H is into trains and trucks right now, so he is loving this ride. After one loop around the park we ride the monorail back to our car.

december daily_disney  (4)a

That’s it for our adventures today (about 4 hours at the park)….we will try to visit Santa next weekend.

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