currently 12-6-15

baking with my little man. We made breakfast granola, next  up…cookies

making new friends in our neighborhood and getting invited to their community’s winter festival

having some fun at work. I helped decorate gingerbread cookies that we are selling for charity bake sale

playing with snow, riding a carriage, seeing Santa, petting animals and riding a pony all in one night

wearing oversize sweaters and colorful scarf as my weekend uniform (I’m wearing this sweater and this scarf). I love both.

buying a pretty holly (plant? flower?) for the first time ever at Trader Joe’s and smiling every time I see it

planning for my work holiday party this weekend. I get to buy gifts for employees and also participate in a talent show

looking forward to celebrating Friendsmas with my high school friends on Friday

getting excited for H’s holiday show at school. Last year, he was an angel for their Nativity Scene and this year, it’s a surprise

trying to make it a priority to get my workout in, at least 4-5 times a week. In December, it’s more for my mental health than anything else. This week, I’m doing 3 weight training DVDs and 2 Zumba classes.

meal planning, like for reals! I feel like I have to be extra organize during the holidays. This week, we are eating:

Veggie & Black Bean enchiladas

– Garlic Shrimp with garlic parmesan couscous

– Crockpot Italian Tortellini with whole wheat garlic bread

– Making at least 3 veggie dishes:  Brussels sprouts with bacon and toasted pecans, roasted broccoli with parmesan, roasted balsamic green beans & mushroom

I already shopped for all the ingredients, so lets do this!


  1. yayy for baking with the peanut! Those enchiladas sound delicious! I’m all about Mexican!!

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