2015 – my year in books

Happy New Year everybody!  We had a mellow celebration welcoming the new year and travelled the first weekend of January. I’m so happy to start the new year doing something I love.

Below is the my year in books for 2015. I really stuck to reading this past year and I’m so happy I did. Even if I read 15-30 mins when I wake up or before bed, I count it as me time or self care. Doing something I love, just for me.

My favorite books that I read in 2015 were:

all of Liane Moriarty books

Eleanor & Park

Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling

The Martian (loved the movie too)

Better Than Before

My goal is to continue to read at this pace, 2-3 books per month in 2016. Also, to seek out other books that are not in my comfort zone so I can expand my literary knowledge.

Happy Reading!!


2015_year in books

2015_year in books  1


2015_year in books  2

2015_year in books  3


2015_year in books  4

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