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palm springs

– I’m close to starting a wardrobe capsule. I am trying it out for 3 months and see what happens from there. Here are 33 reasons to start this project

– Instead of making New Year’s resolutions, how about working on 1 thing a month. I really like this idea

– I love this quilt. I love the color combo. I just wish I know how to sew one. I want to sign-up for classes at a hobby store and sewing is on top of my list

– I am on a purchase freeze this month. Trade shopping for self-care and everything will change…..this makes sense in my life right now.  I am reading, instead of mindlessly scrolling or shopping.

– As a Disney fan, I think this is cool. I’ve been to the Disney museum in San Francisco and I just loved walking around that place for hours.

We’re all flawed. I’m not perfect, you’re not perfect and our kids aren’t perfect. I always feel the mommy guilt and this was a good read.

– I am waiting for my first shipment from The Crafter’s Box subscription. I’m so excited to make this year, making stuff makes me happy.

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