meal prep / 1

Doing some kind of meal planning on the weekend is my saving grace.

Most nights, I don’t get home from work until around 6:30. My toddler’s bedtime is 8pm, so that doesn’t leave me a lot of quality time with him in the evenings.

If I prep food on Sundays (and mid week on Wednesdays), I can spend my weeknights not rushing around the kitchen, and actually make dinner time easier.

My goal is to do meal prep every weekend (unless we are travelling) and I’ll be posting it on the blog (maybe twice month). I love seeing other bloggers post what they do with their meal prep and I find it inspiring.

Here’s what I made on Sunday:

  1. Pizza Spaghetti Pie – I’ve made this twice already. I love the flavor and texture, I eat this with egg on top.

sunday meal prep_1 (4)

–  Scrambled eggs with onions, bell peppers and asparagus ( x 3) = 3 breakfasts for me

sunday meal prep_1 (3)

– Breakfast burritos

sunday meal prep_1 (1)

– Roasted Cauliflower Rice – 2 pans

sunday meal prep_1 (6)sunday meal prep_1 (2)


– Copy cat PF Chang’s spicy green beans – I made enough for 4 servings. This was a hit with my toddler and leftovers were still flavorful and crunchy. Today, I’m going to make another batch. I bought a 2lb bag from Costco.

sunday meal prep_1 (5)


– Baked mini pancakes topped with blueberries and chocolate chips.

sunday meal prep_1 (7)


  1. Ohhh that pizza spaghetti pie sounds amazing!

  2. Wooo! Go Lea! Your meal prep looks super. You totally just inspired me to make a meal plan and get chopping. I am totally intrigued by the roasted cauliflower rice. Everything looks fantastic!


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