currently  1-14-16


drinking tea every day. I drink caffeinated tea first thing in the morning and I have a sweeter flavored tea after dinner. I received David’s Tea sampler during Christmas and I am loving drinking each flavor and discovering my favorites.

having a hard time getting back to a workout routine. I’m hoping signing up for classes (that will penalize me for cancelling), will hold me accountable. Getting started is the hardest part for me.

going back to spending our weekends at Disneyland. Our annual pass has been blocked for the since mid-December during peak season. Sadly, a lot of our favorite kiddo attractions are closed for good or for a year during a major construction.

debating whether to renew my pass when it expired early February. My SoCal pass is no longer available for new purchase, but I am grandfathered in, so I can renew, but can’t purchase at a later date.

spending a weekend afternoon visiting my siblings. Since my mom’s death, it feels good to be surrounded with family, and even more special to have bonding time together with my siblings. Plus, H loves playing with his cousin Jonah. They are at that age, both turning 3 & 5 in March, where they can interact and understand each other.

starting my wardrobe capsule this week. So far, getting ready in the morning has been sooooo stress free. All the clothes I kept for the capsule matches with each other.

working hard and working late. We are going thru a change of ownership at work, which means, lots of work and paperwork for me in the financial area. I’ve been at this job for 4 years, and have worked for 3 owners. Big sigh…BUT grateful I have a job that I love, and has great perks.

taking care of my sick husband and toddler. H is already feeling well after 1 round of anti-biotics, my hubby has been home for 2 weeks sick 😦

checking out a new restaurant with our friends and kiddos. All of us enjoyed hot pot of soups and pasta.

waiting until the very last minute to take down our Christmas decoration. We waited for the last scheduled Christmas tree trash pick-up and took it down the night before.  I requested from hubby to get a tall and giant tree this year. I was feeling sad during the holidays and hoped that a big tree with lots of ornament and twinkling light will help me feel the Christmas cheer, and it did.


  1. itzyskitchen says:

    Hope everyone feels better! I’ve had a cold for seriously a month…it turned into strep and a sinus infection. After a week of meds…I’m still struggling! Yayy for Disney!

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