Here’s what we have been up to lately…..


We had a brunch gathering on New Year’s Day at my sister’s house. We ate and chatted while watching the Rose Parade on TV. Which one was our favorite float?….DISNEY!! (of course). I loved seeing the characters walking along side the children, and the fireworks were cool too.





We’ve had cold and rainy weather lately. Not complaining because we desperately needed the rain. We made plans to have lunch with friends and kiddos to check out a new-to-us restaurant called Boiling Point. They serve hot pot soups with unlimited broth and extra noodles for purchase. The broth was tasty so I ended up refilling twice and also ordered 2 extra servings of noodles, H loved the noodles. We want to go back again, this place is perfect for rainy days. Happy to start the new year spending time with friends, we didn’t get to spend much time last year as a group.


boiling point


We signed up for family membership at a local museum. H loves it there, he can explore and have fun learning. They change their exhibits often, so there’s no problem getting bored.  On this particular visit, he enjoyed the Hot Wheels exhibit and being inside the wind machine.


hot wheels


We went to Palm Springs the first weekend of this month. We rode on the Aerial Tramway and played with snow when we got to the mountain top. It was H’s first time seeing and playing with snow. We stayed the night in Palm Dessert and enjoyed the quick road trip with all my siblings. I love family bonding time.


palm_springs jan 16


And we’re back at the happiest place on Earth!. Our passes are no longer blocked and spent time this past weekend visiting the attractions that will be closing soon due to construction of the new Star Wars attraction.  The petting zoo that we visited often and one of H’s favorite, is closing for good. We said our goodbyes to our favorite sheep and goats.


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