meal prep / 2


Here are the items I’ve prepped recently.


This baked chicken  is a favorite in our house. The little man loves it too, so I bake it in large batches and freeze the leftovers. I first made the recipe when I did the Whole 30, and have made it several times since then. I’ve adapted this to our taste, but the main ingredients stay the same.  I normally marinate it for 8-24hrs and then bake it.


meal prep  1-22-16 (10)


A quick assembly of ingredients from Trader Joe’s, that turns into what I call chili pie. I made this on Sunday, and it lasted us 2 dinners.

trader joe's gluten free cornbread mix and turkey chili (4)trader joe's gluten free cornbread mix and turkey chili (2)trader joe's gluten free cornbread mix and turkey chili (3)trader joe's gluten free cornbread mix and turkey chili (1)



Roasted cauliflower rice is a weekly meal prep staple. I also did plain mashed cauliflower to use for baking.

meal prep  1-22-16 (4)meal prep  1-22-16 (1)



Breakfast burritos that I make and bring over to my 2 brothers for their breakfast for the week. This week’s burrito includes: taco meat, chopped green peppers, onions, potatoes and cheese.

meal prep  1-22-16 (8)


Now that the frozen holiday treats are gone, time to replenish with healthier option. These are no bake oatmeal & almond butter granola bars. I keep them frozen so I can just grab and go whenever we head out to our adventures on weekends.

meal prep  1-22-16 (5)

meal prep  1-22-16 (6)


I boiled eggs and put them on ice water right after, this method works because it’s so easy to peel them later. I bring about 8 boiled eggs to work every Monday and store it in the fridge in my office. I also washed and cut up celery, to be eaten with peanut butter for snacks.


meal prep  1-22-16 (7)meal prep  1-22-16 (3)


I made beef stew in the crock pot. I ate it for 3 meals throughout the week with cauliflower rice.

meal prep  1-22-16 (9)



If you do any meal prep post, please share the link in the comments section. I like to find new ideas of foods that can be prep ahead of time.


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  1. Your granola bars look scrumptious !

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