keeping busy during rainy days by doing arts & crafts with H. We started our first subscription to Koala Kiwi Crate during Christmas and this is the first one we’ve done together. He is still too young to do the crafts by himself, so there’s plenty of assistance needed from mama.

checking out books from the library. Picture above is my stack for the month, which I picked up this week

brunching with my girlfriends. We celebrated Amie’s birthday this past weekend and we met up for brunch at The Attic in Long Beach

deciding where to travel for my birthday. I’m looking into a family trip to either Vancouver, San Francisco or Chicago. I love planning trips, it gives me something to look forward to

using my treadmill again,  we lugged it around from the last house to our current house and after 2.5 years, I’m turning it back on again. Sigh!  Thank you Netflix and Hulu, you make treadmills more fun 🙂

going thru a pom-pom phase? Is that a thing? I enjoy making them, and added them to our Christmas decor last year. I’m currently making pom-poms with Valentine’s day colors. I want to celebrate the little things in life and included in that, making festive, cheap and diy decor for holidays (small or big) throughout the year

drinking chocolate macaroon tea from David’s tea. It taste like a treat to me, without actually eating dessert after dinner

looking forward to have family and friends over for Super Bowl Sunday. Let’s be honest, I’m really more excited for the half-time show, commercials and the food.

watching SUITS again, it’s back this week!


  1. SUITS! Love ❤ That Koala crate looks awesome. May need to do that for K

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