Here’s what we have been up to lately…..

We try to spend a few hours over the weekend to visit my sister, brothers and nephew. We are all grieving my mom’s death differently but for me, spending time with family as much as I can feels good. My mom used to live with my sister, so , I feel some kind of connection to her whenever we are visiting the house and everyone there and seeing her garden. We usually cook and eat brunch together while the kiddos play.

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We took H to his first movie theatre inside the discovery center.  It was a 4D movie and we wore special glasses for it. The movie kept his attention for about 20 minutes, but soon lost interest after that. The lights on the aisle were interesting to him. Oh well, I guess we will try again when he is older. The rest of the day was spent exploring the discovery center, rock climbing, pretending to be fix tires and doing dinosaur puzzles.

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Another weekend, I took H to a children’s museum. It’s another museum that we love visiting in the early morning hours when it’s not crowded. I’m amaze by all the different things he can do now and things that he used to be not interested in (because he was too young), is keeping his attention now. My little guy is growing up fast.

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On Superbowl Sunday, we had a few family and friends over. We had food and plenty of snacks. Most of us were more entertained by the commercials and played bingo using the commercials. The highlight was the half time show, I love Beyonce and Bruno Mars, and that dance battle, yes!

lately 2-15-16 (4)


We went to Disneyland on Superbowl Sunday and the characters were dressed in jerseys. We are having unusually hot weather lately, feels like summer heat, so we enjoyed some soft serve ice cream by Cars Land. I think it’s the best ice cream at California Adventures.


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  1. Our boys are around the same age and I know how you feel, mine is growing up so fast too! The things he does and says everyday amaze me and melts my heart. I cherish every moment of it.

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