having  a surprisingly busy week and month, more than I anticipated or prepared for

getting a mani and pedi. When I feel depleted at the end of the week, I always make sure there is something I’m doing to take care of myself and getting my nails done is one of my go to pampering. I decided to get a neutral color this time and the one pictured above is the Hello Kittly line for OPI

eating heart shaped pancakes on the weekend. I got this Tovolo Pancake Pen recently.

celebrating Valentine’s Day for two weeks (or the whole month). It’s fun to extend the celebration now that I have a kiddo.

making it to my beloved Zumba classes three times in the last 2 weeks. I found a class that has a great instructor and we dance to Beyonce and Usher, yay!

wearing my new Nike shoes that Santa got me to my Zumba classes. I feel like I’m dancing on clouds

reading this book for my mommy book club

starting to plan my little man’s birthday celebration next month

debating whether to cut my hair short. I’ve seen some cute bob hairstyles recently but I’m not sure if my face shape can pull it off. I feel like shorter hair is less maintenance

experimenting with gluten free baking. I learned when I did Whole30 last year that my body is sensitive to gluten. I get headaches and get bloated after eating gluten. I still eat it and just deal with the consequences, because some things are worth it. But I would like to consume less gluten, so I’m going to do some experimenting in the kitchen this year.


Have a good weekend!

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