participating in the Easter Egg hunt at our local park this past Sunday. The city did a great job putting the event together, it was not chaotic and the kids enjoyed themselves. H was grouped with the 4 year old age group and was a little overwhelmed during the hunt when all the older kids rushed in.

celebrating my little guy turning 3. We are having his birthday party this weekend, but in the past week, he has enjoyed blowing birthday candles on cupcakes and the cake I made for Easter Sunday brunch.

making cakes and loving every moment of it. I love the creativity of it and I’m getting good at frosting. I’m looking for excuse to bake a cake at least once a month.

buying $5 flowers at Trader Joe’s weekly. I love it when Spring season comes and they have a larger variety of seasonal flowers. $5 is inexpensive for something that brings me joy daily.

making school bus themed decoration for H’s 3rd birthday party. Last night, I wrapped chocolate with school bus designed paper. Tonight, I’m moving on to a new project.

enjoying having my sisters and family over for Easter Sunday brunch. My niece swam in the pool with her mermaid tail. She is officially the first pool visitor in 2016. The water temp was around 50 degrees, but didn’t bother her at all.

going on my first hike this year. My brothers and I hiked our favorite spot last weekend. Since I have been working out more consistently, I didn’t think I would be sore the following day, I was wrong

finishing this book, I can’t believe this is the author’s first book, the story was well written.  I found it a bit sad in some parts of the book but I would still recommend it.

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