what I’m loving lately

Here are some of my favorite things lately:



Canyon Bakehouse Gluten Free Bread –  I eat this bread toasted and then put half of an avocado on top with a little sprinkling of salt most mornings. I eat half before I workout and then eat the other half with my eggs after working out. I’ve only bought the 7-Grain and I love it.  I also use this as bread crumbs when making meat loaf. Ever since I’ve made effort to consume less gluten, I can tell that I have less bloat and better sleep.


sweat with kayla app

Sweat with Kayla – I tried the 7 day trial of this workout app and loved it, so I’ve been subscribing since then. I might switch to the PDF/printed version in the future to be more cost effective. The app comes with the meal plan but I don’t use it.

I love this workout plan because it’s tough BUT still doable, meaning it challenges me without me having to give-up. I am on Week 5 of the program and I am seeing results already, especially on my legs and abs area. I’ve been doing the 28 minute workouts at home before work.



OhJoy OK vase

OK Vase Set – Oh Joy! from Target – aren’t these vases cute? I love Oh Joy! brand from Target, her line is so unique, bright and colorful. I’ve been buying flowers from Trader Joe’s and using this vase to display them on the dining table. Simple, pretty and makes me happy.


OhJoy OK vase 2

OhJoy OK vase 1


  1. I just tried one of the bbg workouts a couple of weeks ago and it kicked my butt! So effective though!

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