celebrating my son’s 3rd birthday party at the park. My guy was running around with his friends and enjoying all the attention and loving the school bus themed cake

making almond joy snack bites, made with dates, cocoa, coconut and chocolate chip. I didn’t measure the ingredients, so I don’t have a recipe to post

feeding and playing with our tortoises. They have come out of hibernation, so we spend our weekend mornings grabbing leaves (or leftover salad greens) and watching them eat it

getting my hair cut. I cut off 2-3 inches off and enjoying the shorter length and a lower maintenance style. I got layers all over, so if I have to “air dry” my hair, it still looks styled.

brunching at Amy’s Café for my sister’s birthday. They had good food and we tried their local specialty, Krunchy French Toast with raspberry.

visiting my in-laws and having dinner at their house over the weekend. My brother in-law was in town for work so he joined us for dinner. We ate steak, veggies, cake and I made kale salad

watching my sister’s family vacation video when they went cruising in Australia and New Zealand last month for three weeks. I have travel envy right now. I didn’t realize how green and beautiful New Zealand is, gorgeous!

receiving news that three of my close girlfriends are pregnant and all having babies this year. Wowza…baby boom in 2016. My calendar is going to be filled with graduation parties and baby showers from May – July.

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