trying out Texture magazine for the last three months. I loved it, when I found the time to use it. Since I barely logged in during the promo period, I will have to cancel the app. Maybe I’ll reactivate in the summer months, when there are more leisurely reading by the pool/beach.

finishing our first batch of homemade frozen pops this year. The first one I made was a mix of coconut milk, mango, avocado and maple syrup.

visiting the new bug exhibit at the children’s museum. My little guy keeps going back and looking for the banana slug. He will just stand in front of the exhibit and watch the slug sloooowwwly move from leaf to leaf.

enjoying all the pretty flowers during this Spring season. Every time we go out and about, we see bushes and bushes of roses in bloom. It is #Springtastic indeed.

baking breads on Sundays.  The staff at work are enjoying my quick breads, so why not go thru my list of recipes of quick breads and start baking them. It will be a fun project and a mix of healthy and decadent breads. If I am making the bread for myself, I like to make them gluten free.

feeling nostalgic, happy, sad and proud when watching Kobe Bryant’s last game. Growing up, our family was die-hard Laker fan. My dad and sisters still are, but my interest has decreased over the years after I moved out of my parent’s house. Anyways, watching his career highlights in the last 20 years, brought back fond memories of simple times living at home watching Sunday games together as a family and also a memory of my dad taking us out of school early to watch the Lakers back when they used to play at the Great Western Forum. Maybe I’ll write a post about this…I’ve got lots of stories to tell.

reading A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg. She’s a great writer and I’m going to read her old archives from her blog. How am I only disovering her blog now? I wished I had known about her restaurants when I visited Portland, I would have checked them out.

meal-prepping on Sundays. I really notice the difference whenever I meal prep (efficient and organized) vs the weeks when I don’t (stressed and scattered brain). I make a dozen egg muffins with veggies, but I should start increasing these to 2 dozen, since my toddler also started eating them too.
continuing to post weekly these “Currently” posts. I write, print and use these posts for my Project Life scrapbook. It’s a way to document the week without actually sitting down and doing the full scrapbook layout until much later.

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