what I wore – weekend uniform

  Here’s what I typically wear on a weekend, when I’m spending the day running around and hanging out with my toddler. We go to museums, have picnics, take naps, go to parks and then eat our weekly burger fix or frozen yogurt. Later in the evening, we went to dinner with my parents and […]


  going on a date night, we tried a new to us Tex-Mex restaurant that a co-worker has recommended to us since we first moved 3 years ago and we also watched a movie (Eye In The Sky). We had a babysitter until midnight and took advantage of it the whole time celebrating little man’s […]

{recipe} favorite cauliflower pizza

I first tried cauliflower pizza about 5 years ago. I wanted to try it, because I was curious and I wanted to experiment. I wasn’t impressed by it but always thought I should keep trying until I find the right recipe for me. Well, I’ve found that recipe now. It took a few trial and […]

yummy eats from April

These are some of my favorite eats this month:   Birthday cake for my little guy. White cake with custard & strawberry filling. It was so good, I recommended it to my friends.   I made this simple, bite size dessert for the birthday party as well. Small servings for kids.   Giant ACAI bowl […]


    listening to Shonda Rhimes audio book Year of Yes. She reads the audio book and I love it when authors do that. She’s inspiring and I feel like I’m listening to a girlfriend giving me advice about life and being a working mom hiking by the beach. I see a lot of hiking […]