yummy eats from April

These are some of my favorite eats this month:


Birthday cake for my little guy. White cake with custard & strawberry filling. It was so good, I recommended it to my friends.

favorite food - april 2016 (2)


I made this simple, bite size dessert for the birthday party as well. Small servings for kids.



Giant ACAI bowl that was shared among 4 adults. It was a refreshing treat after a beach hike.

favorite food - april 2016 (3)


Fish tacos on Tuesdays is a norm in our household. I like serving it with sweet potato chips, corn and avocado.

favorite food - april 2016 (5)


We went to brunch for my sister’s birthday and we shared this crunchy french toast, coated with cereal to add crunch.

favorite food - april 2016 (14)


We had date night for my birthday dinner. We went to a local Tex-Mex restaurant and enjoyed this plantain nachos.

favorite food - april 2016 (7)


On my actual birthday, I spent most of the day at a spa. I got a massage, then lounged by the pool and reading the rest of the day. I had nachos for lunch, cheese sauce is made with yogurt to lighten up the dish.

favorite food - april 2016 (8)


Simple dinners are my favorite. Steak, steamed veggie and garlic cauliflower rice.

favorite food - april 2016 (9)


This is Trader Joe’s frozen Kung Pao chicken, cooked on the stove and I added a full bag of broccoli and a cup of cashews.

favorite food - april 2016 (10)


I made Kale salad with lemon herb dressing to bring for dinner at my in-laws. I will be making this again this month.

favorite food - april 2016 (12)

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