going on a date night, we tried a new to us Tex-Mex restaurant that a co-worker has recommended to us since we first moved 3 years ago and we also watched a movie (Eye In The Sky). We had a babysitter until midnight and took advantage of it the whole time

celebrating little man’s friend from school, 3rd birthday. It was Super Hero themed and they had a bouncy house for kids and pool party afterwards. A lot of the parties he gets invited to is around the same time of his only nap, so we have to be picky on when we can go.

celebrating Wilsun’s 12th birthday party. It was a lovely garden party and the kids enjoyed themselves with the bouncy house and playing with balloons in the backyard.

planting a few tomato plants, excited to see them grow and a few of them already have tiny tomatoes on them

enjoying the tulips the hubby gave me for my birthday. I love seeing them during their season, but they only last about 4 days in our hot weather.

planning our family vacation in June. We are going to Cabo, Mexico for some sun and fish tacos.

hiking and going to brunch with the girls. It was a double celebration for mine and Amy’s birthday

singing out loud during the Pentatonix  concert at Nokia Live in L.A. Wow, I was impressed with the acapella group and how great they sounded live. It was a family affair with my sisters and brothers also going to the concert

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