movies at the park

I made my annual summer bucket list last week, and we crossed off one of the item I’ve always wanted to do as a family, which was to watch movies at the park.

Our little man is now old enough and (has the attention span) to watch a full length movie. We figured this summer would be the right time to take advantage of our city’s summer events which includes free movies at the park.

Most Friday nights, after a long week at work (even longer on this particular week since it was my first week back from vacation), I often just want to stay home, get take-out for dinner and relax. I ignored the usual voice in my head “to just stay home” because it’s summer….and we want to be intentional with our activities this summer.

We packed our beach chair, 2 picnic blankets (my brothers and their friends were joining us as well), blankets, pillow and snacks. I really wanted us to be comfortable, especially H, who’s bedtime is at 8pm and wasn’t sure how he was going to be like staying up until 10pm.

movies at the park (2)

I popped 3 bags of popcorn in the microwave and packed water bottles and headed out to our adventure.

I’m so glad we went and will be going back again this summer. H stayed put (even though he asked to go in the playground in the dark a few times) and watched the whole Despicable Me 3 movie. He slept as soon as we got in the car to go home and slept in the next morning until 7am.  Win-win for this mama.

Next time, we will bring more beach chairs to get more comfortable and bring a cold dessert Smile

movies at the park (1)


I want to share this article I read recently on how to become more intentional with your summer.

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