enjoying our summer activities and being outdoors whenever we can

park-hopping and checking out other cool parks in our area. We have a great Pirate Themed park near our  house but I’m just now discovering all these local public parks that are too cool to miss

trying on ice hockey gear while at the Discovery Center and realized how heavy everything was that we couldn’t really move easily. I don’t know anything about ice hockey and at first, was trying to put on our feet what was actually a glove

missing my hubby when he went on a family fishing trip to Mammoth. We used to go on on these trips together before baby, but we are waiting until our little guy is old enough to fish from shore, to attempt the long drive and a do family trip together.

using our underwater camera every time we are in the pool. For every 5-10 shots, we get 1 clear picture (without bubbles or a body part blocking the lens)…. but it’s fun to view at all the outtakes

keeping in mind that my toddler is little only once and letting him have all the adventures without having too much interference from me….muddy shoes, wet swimming clothes while running around the house, sleeping late because we’re watching Finding Nemo again and all the sand that makes it back in the house after a day at the beach.

making homemade ice pop every week. I stock up the freezer for when we have people over on the weekend.

being intentional with our summer. I subscribed to this newsletter.

taking Zumba classes again. I stopped for several weeks because I was getting bored with the routine, but the studio owner is back from her maternity leave and her classes always had the energy and motivation I needed after being at work all day. So I’m back at it. I’m a sweaty mess after each class, but I love it

looking forward to my show coming back this week, Suits!!!!! is back.

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