enjoying the warm weather at the beach. We are exploring different toddler friendly beaches in the area

eating a ton of peaches. I buy a full tray and we eat them throughout the week. I also made my favorite fruit crisp recipe with cut up fresh peaches and added shredded coconut with the oats topping

tending to our tomato plants. The wooden sticks we have are doing an ok job keeping the tomato plants off the ground, but for next year, I want to get the metal stands for them. I’ve been reading on “how to grow tomato plants” online and there’s a lot to learn

loving the kisses I get from my little man after dinner. We try to get him to bed by 8pm, so I make sure I’m present and able to play with him before bedtime…and saving all the chores. laundry and household cleaning after he goes to bed

reading The Girl You Left Behind by Jojo Moyes….and I abandoned it after Chapter 6, I just couldn’t get into the story. Maybe I will re-visit the book in the future, but for now, on to the next book.

drinking La Croix sparkling water nightly with dinner. It’s my fun drink and my little man shares the drink with me because he’s starting to like it too

celebrating Calvin’s 2nd birthday. We headed over to his house for his birthday party and the kids enjoyed several outside water play station. H loves playing at their house and he gets sad every time we have to go home

feeling under the weather this week. After a lot of Zicam, Emergen-C and dayquil, I’m felt much better after 2 days. I’m also using this essential oil and diffuser overnight

planning to paint H’s bathroom revere pewter shade, finally found a perfect gray shade that I love. I want to tackle his bathroom and paint it myself. This is the first paint job we are doing on our house. If I like it, I’m going to hire out the rest of the paint job on the house.


  1. this is so sweet!

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