sunday food prep


food prep  7-29-16

Here is what I prepped on Sunday. Both my husband and I work full time and often, we work long hours, so every prep I can do on the weekends helps tremendously during the week.

  1. roasted cauliflower rice
  2. boiled eggs for snacking – I usually store this in my office fridge
  3. cut up fruits – best to have fruits washed and cut for the week, easier and more likely to be eaten
  4. blanched broccoli – I eat this with lunch throughout the week, it will finish the cooking process when I heat it up in the microwave
  5. baked chicken for dinners
  6. roasted garlic carrots
  7. oatmeal fruit crisp with fresh peaches and shredded coconut
  8. sausage egg bake – my breakfast for the week
  9. cherry and coconut cream frozen pops – to snack on for the week


  1. That’s quite a spread!


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