starting a new gallery wall in our living room. There was a set of sconce on this wall, and had to remove it because some of the glass décor broke after H was jumping on the couch. After that, we had to toddler proof the house from floor to ceiling

harvesting ripe tomatoes from our garden. I think the plants might have reached it’s peak in producing tomatoes already, because of the heat wave, they are not doing too well

putting up school art in H’s room. We are just using colorful washi tape to hang them and H loves to help out with putting them up on the wall

spending a lot of time in the arts & craft room at the kids museum. H is going thru a phase where he is enjoying gluing things and cutting paper

watching the movie Bad Moms with my friend Lin. We loved it and it was hilarious. I would like Mila Kunis’s characters work wardrobe

planning a trip to NYC in October with my sister for her birthday. I already booked our hotel rooms and just shopping around for airfare

enjoying the quiet week we had. We didn’t have any social events and work was uneventful, so happy for the peace and quiet during this busy summer season

wearing my 2nd summer uniform of soft tee/chambray skirt/slide sandals

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