currently 8-22-16

going back to the OC Fair on its last day and having a blast visiting the animals and riding our favorite rides. We all shared deep fried Oreos, Krispy Kreme donut burgers, frozen banana dipped in chocolate and fresh fruits with tajin

dancing at Zumba class. I made it 2 weeks in a row and since it has cooled down a little, the dance studio doesn’t feel like a hot sauna anymore

organizing and re-arranging the furnitures in our main living room to make more space for playing on the floor

planning ahead and window shopping for clothes for my to NYC, hard to find Fall season clothes right now but I did find some great thick leggings at Costco that are a keeper. I also bought my first Madewell skinny jeans (love it) and I also love that they do free hemming

eating tuna salads, zoodles with sausage  and roasted summer vegetables for dinner

meeting up with my friend and (old co-worker) Geraldine at Umami for happy hour. The restaurant used to be our usual spot when we wanted to eat out, during the years we worked together. There were lots of girl talk and mommy talk during dinner.

playing with play-doh after coming home from daycare pick-up. Our little guy loves molding and cutting his play-doh and spends a long time playing with it. It gives me time to do some chores or extending cooking time

feeling proud that I’ve kept up with these “currently” posts because it helps me with my documentation/scrapbooking our summer memories. I made a book from Chatbooks for Father’s Day present titled “Daddy and H’s” adventures. We read it often during bedtime so I want to create a picture/memory book for our summer adventures as well.

reading and searching for parenting books. I read a lot of baby books during H’s first year and I feel I need to read more again to get some guidance on these toddler (challenging) years.

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