smores pretzel bites

If you are looking for quick summer dessert for the holiday weekend ahead, these smores pretzel bites would be a good bet.

We didn’t get a chance to do a bonfire this summer and my fantasy of sitting around the fire and making smores went out the window. Honestly, it was too hot this summer to be hanging out around any kind of fire. But summer is not over yet, so I still have a slight chance of making smores the traditional way.

I’m not sad though because I made these smores pretzel bites and it satisfied my craving for smores.  I love that it’s mini form, you can stop at one bite if you want to, but you’re more likely eat several bites because they’re so good.

I love the sweet + salty + crunchy all in one bite.


smores pretzel bites (1)


There’s no recipe here, just assembling the ingredients below (pretzels, marshmallow, hershey chocolate bar) and the pictures will explain the rest.  The mini marshamallows were perfect for this dessert.

smores pretzel bites (5)


smores pretzel bites (2)smores pretzel bites (4)

A few minutes in the broile. You MUST watch it carefully while in the broiler, it will burn if you look away too long.

smores pretzel bites (6)

smores pretzel bites (9)smores pretzel bites (10)

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