going on a date night. We are at Fish Grill and enjoyed the fresh seafood offering and then watched the movie Jason Bourne. The movie was action packed and I’m still amaze how good  and fitt Matt Damon looks in this movie.

waking up early and going for a run before sunrise. I can only do solo runs on weekends that Chris is off work so I’m trying to take advantage and meeting up with my friend Lin for a run. I’m hoping our meetups will become regular and then we can run a 10K in November

having fun at the beach with our new bodyboard. Little man loves being on top of the of the board while I drag it around the water

eating dessert at Snow Monster after our time at the beach. My brothers, sisters and nephew joined us for this beach trip. We shared a bit of everyone’s order and I got to sample a lot of their desserts. My favorite was the green tea macaroons with ice cream. The creamy and fluffy shaved snow was great too

organizing my closet and starting my Fall work wardrobe capsule. It is sooooo easy getting ready in the morning all week

completing 1 day of Intermittent Fasting this week, I did a 16 hour fast. It is harder than I thought. I think for me, it’s easier to ear dinner really early (around 5 pm) THAN to eat at late breakfast (11am). I’m more hungry in the morning. I’m planning to do IF about 2 days a week

visiting grandma and grandpa, H spent the day with Chris and they visited the aquarium, going out for burgers and visiting the grandparents. A fun father and son bonding time.

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