work wardrobe capsule / week 1


Here you go, first week of my work wardrobe capsule.  I didn’t buy anything new just for this capsule, I wanted to shop my own closet. I wanted to take inventory of what I had, whittle down my wardrobe for the next several months and see how it goes.

wardrobe capsule - week 1

I got a few compliments at work this week. Even though I’ve worn these clothes before, this is the first time I’ve planned my outfits ahead of time and actually being intentional in how I’m wearing them to mix and match. I didn’t feel rushed in the morning and in the past, I was used to wearing something “good enough because I’m rushing around getting ready in the morning”…..but instead, this week I felt calm and put together and I loved what I wore.

I always have a black blazer hanging in my office, so I put that on whenever I have to go into a meeting. So if you see an outfit where I’m wearing sleeveless or a “little too casual”, then most likely, I am wearing the black blazer whenever I step out of my office.


left above: Loft shirt dress

right above:  Halogen skirt (second hand via Thred Up)


left above: wool skirt (jcrew factory)

right above: natalie borton necklace (sold out) (10% off products <— use this referral link)


above:  shift dress (Nordstrom)


  1. I love the one with the floral shirt and orange sweater! So cute.

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