work wardrobe capsule / week 2 {listing all the outfits on paper}

I tried doing the capsule wardrobe earlier this year, BUT I didn’t have a laid out plan when I did it, which is where I think I went wrong. I wasn’t organized.

Back then, I just cleaned out my closet and kept the pieces I loved, regardless if items mixed and matched. I didn’t think about the colors or having enough varieties of bottoms, tops and dresses.  Throughout the process, I ended up reaching for the same 10 pieces (even though I had another 20 pieces to choose from). I became bored fast.

This time around, I made a list of all possible outfits on excel. A lot of the pieces I chose in this wardrobe capsule will match with each other, so the list of possible outfits is long.

An example of my excel template is below. I just highlight the outfit combination as I plan to wear them for the week. I’m sure I will have several favorite combinations/outfits and will repeat them in the next several months.

wardrobe capsule - organize on excel sheet

I wore a lot of blue and black this week, probably wore all the blue colored clothing I included in the capsule. I’m drawn to bright blue hues, not so much navy blue (which to me, might as well be black because it’s so dark).

I think for  my body type, peplum top looks flattering. I have a long torso and short legs.

I love how everything fits on me on the left outfit below = short fitted blazer with flowy skirt that hits above the knee.

Left below:  Old Navy skirt, Mod cloth top, Elle from Kohl’s blazer

Right below:  print dress (Kohl’s), blazer (Banana Republic)

wardrobe capsule_ week 2


below left:  blue tie front top (The Limited), wool skirt (JCrew Factory)

below right: short sleeve blue dress (Old Navy), 3/4 length camel blazer (ModCloth)

wardrobe capsule_ week 2 (3)


Below: I’ve owned this top for 5+ years and try to hang dry only to prolong it’s life Smile  I love the stripes and the cut. The black slacks are really old (purchased in 2004) and it’s still one of my favorite bottoms for work. I like the flare style.

stripe peplum top (Banana Republic), flare pants (Windsor)

wardrobe capsule_ week 2 (4)




wardrobe capsule_ week 2 (1)


  1. […] Last week, I mentioned that I organized the possible list of outfits on excel. Once I completed the list, I then created the outfit using the Style Book App. I’ve heard of this app before but I felt that I didn’t have any use for it until I started this wardrobe capsule. I’m a visual person so creating my outfits on the app really helped me plan them out. […]

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