work wardrobe capsule / week 5

Here’s this week’s outfits, we are now in Week 5 of my work wardrobe capsule.

A new item that I haven’t worn in awhile is this grey crop pants that I got from Target. I like the look of crop pants on others but always hesitated wearing them myself.

When I first tried it on, it made my leg look shorter. I figured if I wear it differently with a darker top and pointed heels, that it would help with lengthening the look. I’m not sure if I will include it in the next capsule, because I’m finding it “ok” but not something I’m excited to wear.


wardrobe capsule - week 5 (1)


wardrobe capsule - week 5 (2)


Below: I wear this peplum blazer weekly, I just love the style.

wardrobe capsule - week 5 (3)


Below is my favorite look from the week.

wardrobe capsule - week 5 (4)


  1. love the polka dot shirt!

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