what we ate / thanksgiving dinner

  Happy Thanksgiving week. I’m excited to spend time with family and friends as we celebrate Thanksgiving day on Thursday. I’m lucky to have majority of my family and friends nearby. We get to celebrate holidays together, which makes it more special. Hubby and I used to drive all over town to celebrate Thanksgiving at […]

wardrobe capsule / week 7

I’ve got seven weeks of wearing my wardrobe capsule and it’s clear which items are my favorite and will be carried over to the next capsule. I find myself gravitating towards wearing more dresses because they are so quick and easy to wear but I didn’t include a lot in this capsule, the 4-5 that […]

{recipe} starbuck’s pumpkin bread

  Whenever I travel, and most recently when I was in New York in October, I go out of my way to visit different coffee shops. I wanted to get coffee from local shops and tried to avoid chain coffee shops like Starbucks. There’s plenty of Starbuck’s at home and I can go anytime if […]


  adding a touch of Fall season around the house. I bought small orange flowers and cut them down to fit in a blue mason jar. We still have small and large pumpkins all over the house hoping for my toddler’s right hand to heal soon. He likes to jump around and landed on his […]


  dressing up as a Greek Princess for Halloween. My little guy was a pirate and my husband was Diablo attending the pre-school’s Trunk-Or-Treat event and also their Halloween potluck party. It was quiet a special treat to spend the morning with H and see him interact with his friends and teachers at his new […]

wardrobe capsule / week 6 – simple accessories

  I love wearing simple and minimalist style of jewelry for every day use.  I save the large statement necklaces for special occasion. I guess you can say my daily accessories are “barely there”, which is what I love. The items below are the jewelry that I’ve been wearing with this wardrobe capsule.  I stopped […]

{photobook} hawke turns 3

My little guy turned 3 years old in March.  We had his birthday party at our local park in early April.  It was a perfect Spring day, sunny with plenty of breeze.  A lot of our family members  and also a few school friends were able to celebrate with us. He is into school bus right […]