wardrobe capsule / week 6 – simple accessories


I love wearing simple and minimalist style of jewelry for every day use.  I save the large statement necklaces for special occasion. I guess you can say my daily accessories are “barely there”, which is what I love.

The items below are the jewelry that I’ve been wearing with this wardrobe capsule.  I stopped wearing a watch a few years ago, ever since I got my Iphone, but I want to wear one again and will add that on the next capsule.

Kate Spade necklace

kate spade necklace


Madewell earrings – I have really sensitive skin when it comes to wearing earrings and these don’t irritate them.

madewell earrings


Below are the 3 necklaces I’ve purchased throughout the year from Natalie Borton’s shop (<—referral link to get 10% off). I love her jewelry style and she sells them in limited amount. The 3 necklaces below are old and have since soldout. Check out her shop for current styles.


marisa necklace

jenna necklace

addison necklace


Here’s what I wore for Week 6.  Wearing the outfits for this capsule has made my life so much easier in the morning. Now that I am six weeks in, I also realize how much MORE easier it is to just put on a dress and blazer. I’m going to add more dresses in the next capsule. Literally, I can get dressed in less than a minute Smile


wardrobe capsule - week 6 (1)



wardrobe capsule - week 6 (2)


wardrobe capsule - week 6 (3)



wardrobe capsule - week 6 (4)

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