CURRENTLY 11-14-16

adding a touch of Fall season around the house. I bought small orange flowers and cut them down to fit in a blue mason jar. We still have small and large pumpkins all over the house

hoping for my toddler’s right hand to heal soon. He likes to jump around and landed on his right arm. We had Xray done and there are no broken bones and just a sprain. Unfortunately, it is right and dominant hand so he had to get used to using his left arm

experiencing election hangover. Election anxiety has got me stress baking at night

trying out Orangetheory Fitness class for the first time. I loved it and signed up for their monthly membership

feeling sad that my Zumba studio has closed down. I’ve been dancing there for 3+ years and loved the vibe of the studio. I will replace the 2 days a week I was going to Zumba and will now go to Orangetheory

enjoying the sunset at the park this weekend. It always takes a week or two to get used to the time change, but what I love about it is that we get to enjoy the sunset while we are still out and about being outdoors. I also get to see the sunset during my commute home

dining at a Japanese/sushi buffet with the family and relatives from my husband’s side. It was a mini family reunion and and early holiday gathering. H was finally able to meet his other cousins.

wearing this Franco Sarto booties on the weekend. It is finally cool enough to wear jeans and booties. I love the block heel and nude suede color

decluttering in the kitchen. With the holiday season upon us, the kitchen will be busy and I just love spending time there when there’s not a lot of clutter.  I emptied the top of the fridge and put lunch bags in a different place. I’m always looking for ways to make our counter tops less cluttered.

brainstorming on how I want to document the holiday season. Photobook, scrapbook,  December Daily journal or a variation of all of them?

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