I’m adding initials next to items in my “Currently” posts. I want to include the whole family in the posts and the initials will mark who did what. My plan is to create a “year in review” picture book, which will include these posts. attending my brother’s high school choir concert. I haven’t gone to […]

wardrobe capsule / week 8

I started this wardrobe capsule on the first week of September, so I’ve been wearing the pieces for 3+ months.  I’m planning to start another capsule for the months of January – March/April. Lately, I’ve been forgetting to take pictures of my outfits.  I take these outfit pictures at work, in a public bathroom. I […]


    savoring and slowing down during the holiday season by being less connected to my phone and internet. I post pictures on social media, but I try not to linger and scroll mindlessly taking a trip to the mountains to play with snow and experiencing our own version of California winter planning our holiday […]