CURRENTLY  12-7-16


savoring and slowing down during the holiday season by being less connected to my phone and internet. I post pictures on social media, but I try not to linger and scroll mindlessly

taking a trip to the mountains to play with snow and experiencing our own version of California winter

planning our holiday season to have more meaningful experiences and less shopping trips

making homemade holiday decorations by creating a pom pom garland.

baking my favorite holiday cookies and decorating a gingerbread house with my little guy

journaling this month because I want to tell stories and document our holiday season in more details. I want to learn how to write so I focus more on the experience and less on the finish product

changing my work schedule to come in earlier and leave earlier, so I can take Orangetheory classes after work. I am on my second month of membership and I am really loving the workouts and how challenging they are (but still doable)

working less this month and making it a goal to take a day off each week

learning to use the Headspace app

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