I’m adding initials next to items in my “Currently” posts. I want to include the whole family in the posts and the initials will mark who did what. My plan is to create a “year in review” picture book, which will include these posts.


attending my brother’s high school choir concert. I haven’t gone to a school choir concert since high school and I don’t remember our choir sounding this good. I was very impressed with their talent

picking out our Christmas tree this past weekend. We thought we were a little late picking up our tree but it looks like every one was also doing the same. This was the first time we saw a line to pay for trees

baking cookies with H. He is much more interested in baking this year and has been asking me to play with dough every night. We made this cutout cookie dough recipe with success. It makes a ton, so we split it in 4 discs and stored the rest in the fridge. I  like the cookie because it’s not too sweet, the frosting is what adds the sweetness to it. I made the dough with vanilla extract and used almond extract for the frosting. The (1 teaspoon) almond extract in the frosting was a bit too strong for our taste, so I’m going to cut back on it on the next batch or just stick with vanilla.

wearing ( H ) favorite holiday sweater at school

exchanging Christmas books with friends. H has a book exchange at his pre-school and we got the book The Berenstain Bears and the Joy of Giving

eating eggs and chorizo breakfast burrito every day. This is a current family favorite and my husband and H loves it.

working out at Orangetheory Fitness 2 times a week. I’m on my second month of membership (8 classes per month).

visiting ( H ) Grandma and Grandpa’s house, and playing with Uncle Mark (who is visiting from Georgia), Auntie Wendy and Lauren

diving ( C ) for fresh lobster after work and baking the lobster with panko on top. Delicious!

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