visiting my parents on Sunday and bringing over breakfast. I made an oatmeal bake and roasted veggies & chicken sausage having courage to let H use the kiddie cart at Trader Joe’s for the first time. He didn’t hit anyone or break anything = success playing at Chuck E Cheese and using all […]

book report / Landline by Rainbow Rowell

      Landline by Rainbow Rowell   This book follows a couple and their relationship, from the day they met in their college years to their married years. The main character Georgie, is realistically portrayed and I can relate to some of her inner dialogue (especially the subject of being a working mom). The […]


    going to Home Depot’s workshop for kids. My 3 year old is a little too young for the workshop, so I helped him build the wooden crate and he did all the painting. He was very proud to receive his own apron and pin. spending time with my girlfriends after work Friday for […]

meal prep & what I pack for snacks

  My goal is to use Sundays as my food prep time for the week ahead (when my kiddo is napping).  I am going to plan ahead our dinner menu for the week and do grocery shopping once on the weekend. Here’s what I prep/cooked this past Sunday. Roasted veggies x 2 pans Cooked Eggplant […]


  watching the movie SING. It was H’s first time watching a movie at the theater.  We brought some healthy snacks and sang along. He asked to go home right before the movie ended, but explained to him that the fun part is coming. So he asked to sit on my lap instead. dining out […]