watching the movie SING. It was H’s first time watching a movie at the theater.  We brought some healthy snacks and sang along. He asked to go home right before the movie ended, but explained to him that the fun part is coming. So he asked to sit on my lap instead.

dining out and eating healthy dish at Fish Grill. I ordered the white fish with cajun seasoning, kale slaw and grilled zucchini. Hubby and I and my brothers had lunch then watch the movie Passengers

playing outdoors at the park during the break in the rain. We played hide & seek and went looking for dandelions. In 2017, I want less scrolling and more playing outdoors

welcoming the New Year at my parents house (picture above with my dad)Hubby stayed home because he was sick and had the flu.

eating all the traditional Filipino food, especially my favorite cassava cake

reading The Last Anniversary by Liane Moriarty

preparing my work wardrobe capsule for January – April. All outfits have been planned for the next 4 months.  One less thing to decide on daily

looking at all the gingerbread houses at the kids museum (DC)(at least 50+ gingerbread house) were submitted for the decorating contest. I admire people’s creativity.

participating in the cookie decorating station they had for kids

choosing my one word for 2017. I’m choosing the word THRIVE.

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