meal prep & what I pack for snacks


My goal is to use Sundays as my food prep time for the week ahead (when my kiddo is napping).  I am going to plan ahead our dinner menu for the week and do grocery shopping once on the weekend. Here’s what I prep/cooked this past Sunday.

Roasted veggies x 2 pans

meal prep 1-8-16 (2)

Cooked Eggplant parmesan (2 meals).

meal prep 1-8-16 (3)


Made a slow cooker chicken dish. This is for multiple meals + freeze a few portions.

meal prep 1-8-16 (7)meal prep 1-8-16 (8)

Egg muffins for my breakfast for the week. I microwave 2 every morning + fruit + babybel cheese = breakfast on the go.

meal prep 1-8-16 (4)

Wash and cut up veggies. This is for snacks at work & my toddler’s school lunch.

meal prep 1-8-16 (5)

Boiled eggs to snack on and also planning to make deviled eggs.

meal prep 1-8-16 (6)

Then every day, I just pack and assemble the snacks I take to work.

meal prep 1-8-16 (1)meal prep 1-8-16 (10)meal prep 1-8-16 (9)

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