visiting my parents on Sunday and bringing over breakfast. I made an oatmeal bake and roasted veggies & chicken sausage

having courage to let H use the kiddie cart at Trader Joe’s for the first time. He didn’t hit anyone or break anything = success

playing at Chuck E Cheese and using all our tokens to try all the games. H loves that he can is able to play all the games on his own (Mr. Independent) and doesn’t want any help. We got a giant lollipop with all the tickets we won

working out at Orangetheory Fitness (HR monitor snap shot in the picture above) twice a week for 3 months now. I am still loving it. Although, I have noticed that I have to work harder to get my hear rate up. I have to increase my weights and increase my speed to get to the orange zone. I am getting stronger!

cooking this ginger zucchini soup and eating it before dinner every night. Also, enjoying this crispy egg salad if I’m not too hungry for dinner.

reading Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty. 5/5 stars!!! I loved this book

joining the 12 week challenge for the Sweat with Kayla App. I’ve decided to do another round because I loved the workouts when I did it last summer. I’m not following it 100% because I want to continue to do OTF workouts at least 2 days a week.

dealing with rain all week long. The constant rain is good for our drought but it puts a damper on everything else, like our mood. We’ve been stuck indoors, which is tough for an energetic toddler.

meal prepping by cooking these dishes on Sunday: Roasted Vegetables and Sausage and Damn Fine Chicken


  1. Those tiny carts slightly terrify me! I love that my kids love to use them but I flinch in fear of them ramming the back of my heels with them (I cringe just thinking about it).

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