CURRENTLY  1-30-17

thinking January was a loooong month. I’m ready for February and all the hearts and chocolates

baking banana chocolate bread. Rainy days are our baking days, and we’ve had many rainy days in the past week

going to the Zoo. It was cold and wet and we jumped thru a lot of muddy puddles. H thought that was a lot of fun

having fun at Disneyland (C & H) on rainy mornings. The park was empty and they were able to go on many rides in a few hours. It was H’s first time riding Splash Mountain (brave boy)

watching SUITS!!! I’m so excited and also thrilled of the Meghan Markle & Prince Harry romance news. I like them both.

drinking bulletproof coffee a few times a week. I use only a teaspoon each of butter & coconut oil. I drink it before tough workouts. I find it gives me so much energy

reading We Are Liars by E. Lockhart. Read this in 3 days. It’s short and quick, haunting and quite suspenseful

cooking for our dinners: eggplant parmesan (again! 2 weeks in a row) and a big batch of Egg Roll stir fry.

preparing for a busy season at work and long hours. My assistant went on her maternity leave


  1. I’m ready for hearts & chocolates too!! And I’ve been thinking about watching suits but haven’t yet!

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