CURRENTLY  2-27-17

spending time with grandma and grandpa O and playing games at their house. Uncle Mark was in town visiting.

going to a baby shower that was catered by The Habit burger (yummy) with an under the ocean dessert table theme (so cute)

going to Mila’s 1st birthday and she was so adorable eating her first cake

bringing Mickey everywhere with us all weekend… to the library, to the grocery store and to the park

celebrating V-day with our  little friends at their pre-school class party. I joined the party in the morning and then went to work for half day.

getting beautiful flowers from my boys and a homemade picture box that C & H made together at a kids workshop at Home Depot

doing date night the Friday before Valentine’s Day. We watched John Wick 2 movie and Chipotle for dinner. I also watched Fifty Shades Darker on opening weekend.

reading All The Ugly and Wonderful Things

making Vday treats and passing out apple sauce with a label that says “Valentine, You are Awesome Sauce”.

ordering more magnet pictures for our fridge at Sticky9


  1. you are my never ending list of book ideas!!! ❤

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