re-committing to writing my “currently” posts weekly. I will look back at these posts years later and really glad that I have some documentation of this stage in life. I was looking at archives from 2 years ago and was a little dissapointed that I hardly wrote about our weekly shenanigans

celebrating my birthday this month.  We took a Spring Break/Birthday trip to Palm Springs early in April and had a blast. On my actual birthday week, we plan to dine out at my restaurant of choice and have a cake

beginning swimming lessons for H. It will be twice a week for 6 weeks and I’m so proud when I see him do little kicks in the pool. Hubby tried to teach him how to swim, but having an official instructor is working out better for H (maybe more structure and peer pressure from the other kids?)

reading Present Over Perfect and it’s just what I need in this season in life. I feel like reading the words in this book is what my soul needs.

picking fresh strawberries at the farm. It’s our first time picking berries that are on raised beds, and I don’t taste any difference. I actually prefer it, because the berries are less dirty and we are allowed to eat while picking. I hope to make this an annual spring season activity. H enjoyed the tractor ride to the field and eating all the berries

getting excited that my Aunt Lita is visiting from the Philippines next week. It will be her first time in the States and I haven’t seen her for 15+ years

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