{weekend wandering} – Los Angeles Zoo

One of my mantra this year was “less things, more places”. What that means to me is that I want to prioritize doing adventures and having experiences instead of buying things. I’ve been very mindful of this mantra all year and I’m always actively planning our next road trip and travels.

We love visiting zoos and whenever we are visiting a new city, I look for zoos, museums, botanical gardens and family friendly restaurants that we can visit.

We planned a road trip and an overnight stay in L.A. (about 1.5 hour drive from our home in Orange County) so we can visit the L.A. zoo, do a hike and visit a few museums.

This was mine and little man’s first visit and we were impressed with all the exhibit and animals we found. My son is 5 years old and he loved the large reptile exhibit and wandered around for hours in that area. My favorite part was the Aviary area because I am fascinated by the different colors, sizes and type of flamingos.


LA ZOO (16)


LA ZOO (17) LA ZOO (18) LA ZOO (19) LA ZOO (20) LA ZOO (21) LA ZOO (22) LA ZOO (23) LA ZOO (24)


LA ZOO (25) LA ZOO (26)


LA ZOO (28) LA ZOO (29)


LA ZOO (30)

LA ZOO (27)

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